Pacific Cigar Ltd.

Diplomáticos Bushido (ER Asia Pacifico 2014)

Some of Habanos S.A.’s Edición Regional releases have no backstory and that’s fine. There are others that are incredibly interesting. One thing I’ve found as...
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Bolívar Soberanos EL 2018 to Launch This Month

Another of the 2018 Edición Limitada releases from Habanos S.A. is getting ready for its global launch, as the Bolívar Soberanos Edición Limitada is slated...
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Ramón Allones Silver Jubilee (ER Asia Pacífico 2017)

Sometimes the name of a cigar says nothing about the story behind it, sometimes it says it all, and sometimes it doesn’t quite tell the...
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Rafael González 88 (ER Asia Pacific 2016)

The number eight is considered lucky in China. In 2008, the number inspired one of the most unique Edición Regional releases of all time, the...
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Habanos S.A. Releases Trinidad La Trova for LCDHs

The Trinidad La Trova is now in stores, at least in Asia. Habanos S.A. has announced that Pacific Cigar Co. Ltd, its Asian Pacific distributor,...
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Por Larrañaga Belicosos Extra (ER Asia Pacific 2008)

This is the tenth Edición Regional we’ve reviewed from the 2008 program. Astonishingly, that means we have seven left. Back in 2008, Habanos S.A. was...
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David Tang, Founder of Pacific Cigar Co., Dies at 63

Sir David Tang, the founder and chairman of Pacific Cigar Co., which distributes Habanos S.A. cigars throughout the Asia Pacific region, has died at the...
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La Gloria Cubana Revolution (ER Asia Pacifico 2015)

As part of the 2015 crop of new Cuban cigars, Habanos S.A. planned a new Edición Regional release in the La Gloria Cubana marca for the Asia...
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