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Diplomáticos Leal (ER Cuba 2021)

It’s time to see how the seventh cigar created just for Cuba is smoking.

Bolívar Armonía (ER China 2008)

There have been hundreds of different Edición Regional releases from Habanos S.A. Without question, the most unique packaging of the series was 2008’s Bolívar Armonía. In keeping with the eight theme, it’s time for a redux, nearly eight years to the day after the first review.

Juan López Dragones (ER Belux 2021)

Although it was announced as part of the 2021 Edición Regional release, the Dragones starting showing up at retailers in the Belux region—which is comprised of the two countries of Belgium and Luxembourg—in June.

Juan López Short Torpedo (ER Caribe 2008)

One of the smallest Edición Regional releases gets a review in this year’s Holy Grail Week.

Ramón Allones 8-9-8 (ER Alemania 2014)

Seven years ago, the Ramón Allones 8-9-8 returned to shelves in Germany as a limited edition release. It was reviewed in mid-2016 and the results were mixed, but now the cigar has had ample rest in the humidor.

Ramón Allones Petit Allones (ER Andorra 2013)

While a tiny country, Andorra has a sizable list of Edición Regional releases.

Punch ManTua (ER Italia 2018)

If Habanos S.A. let the staff members of halfwheel design an Edición Regional release, it would probably end up something like the Punch ManTua. Or maybe Brooks would have his idea win out and we’d do a ninfa with a 109 cap.

Ramón Allones King of North (ER Nordicos-Balticos 2020)

After a preview to cigar clubs in September, the Ramón Allones King of North was released on Oct. 1, 2021 to stores in eight countries…

Por Larrañaga Robustos de Larrañaga (ER Asia Pacifico 2007)

When thinking of the majority of new cigar releases, it’s reasonable to expect that those cigars will come in a few standard sizes, such as…

Quai d’Orsay Baalbeck (ER Libano 2018)

When it comes to looking for the interesting aspects of a cigar release, some are more of a challenge to turn up than others. Yet…

San Cristóbal de La Habana Harimau Malaya (ER Malasia 2020)

In April, Pacific Cigar Ltd. hosted the debut of the first Edición Regional release for Malaysia. The San Cristóbal de La Habana Harimau Malaya is…