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Case Elegance KOBI Humidor

The world of sub-$150 desktop humidors tends to look the same. Then there’s Case Elegance.

American Chest WoodTop 75 Count Cigar Humidor

American Chest Co.’s WoodTop 75 Humidor differs from most desktop humidors in two major ways: it’s made in America and uses solid woods instead of MDF. With a street price around $400, it’s a compelling option on paper, but an oftentimes overlooked part of a humidor causes major problems.

Waxing Moon 21-017

Waxing Moon is a Minnesota-based maker of more-or-less custom humidors.

Prometheus Platinum Series 150 Humidor

Prometheus describes its Platinum Series as the company’s “flagship” humidor line. This is the Platinum Series 150, wider than 99 percent of desktop humidors but the smaller of the two Platinum Series models.

Elie Bleu 110 Rainbow Humidor

When cigar companies want high-dollar humidors made for special projects, they tend to turn to Elie Bleu, a Paris-based humidor manufacturer. It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally reviewing an Elie Bleu.

Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor (2021)

My most recent accessory review was the final in a series of seven sub-$175 wooden humidors. I started all those reviews explaining why I decided…

The Deauville Tobacco Leaf Humidor

The end of the $175 humidor challenge is here. About a year ago, I planned a series of reviews that aimed to answer a question…

Yannabis Cigar Humidor

While most of the humidors included in this series of reviews have come from brands you have heard of, today’s review is from one you…

Craftman’s Bench Havana

I knew when I set out to do this series of humidor reviews that one of the brands that would need to be included was…

Prestige Winchester

The Prestige Winchester is the third humidor reviewed as part of a seven-part series that is attempting to find the best traditional humidor under $175. More…

Prestige Princeton

This is the second in a series of seven humidor reviews that seek to find the best traditional humidor priced under $175. More specifically, it’s…