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Illusione TAA ESP 2022

Illusione’s second release for the Tobacconists’ Association of America’s Exclusive Series Program features unique corojo hybrid in the filler.

OneOff +53 Robusto

Not only did Illusione add Allegria—a sister brand to OneOff—but it also added two new +53 sizes.

Illusione Allegria Lonsdale

Illusione’s Allegria is a “sister line” to the company’s OneOff brand that debuted 2018 incorporating specific farm lots of corojo 99 and criollo 98 tobaccos from Nicaragua.

Illusione of Excalibur #1

Dion Giolito of Illusione was given the opportunity to bring his blending skills to a brand he smoked during college before he was making his own cigars.

PIV Robusto

I’m not a great watcher of television. I have a few shows set to automatically record on my DVR, but inevitably there are a number…

Illusione TAA 2021

Because of the cigars from other manufacturers that have come before them, it’s always interesting to me whenever I see that a company is releasing…

Illusione MC Slam 2 Redux

In 2014, Illusione Cigars released its first creation carrying the white on blue Cigars Privé branding, which translates into private cigars from French. Named MC Slam—the MC…

Illusione H-Town Lancero

A few days ago, Brooks Whittington and I were having a conversation during which on of us brought up Illusione. And with that, I had…

Illusione ~cg:4~ Candela

We’ve seen a number of projects that have put the names of media outlets either on cigars or close to them, and in October 2020,…

Illusione PCA 2020 Exclusive

In February, Illusione announced it would be releasing a new cigar that would be sold exclusively to retailers who placed orders in person during the 2020…

Illusione Singularé 2019 Seven Horns

This year, Illusione celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Epernay brand with a special cigar, but there was also another decade milestone for one of…