We believe that part of what makes this site great is the focus on original content.

Currently, we aren’t directly using artificial intelligence to create any of the work you see at halfwheel. This includes not using AI to write articles, not using AI to generate images or videos, etc. Many of the tools that we use to produce this site—software like Buffer, Grammarly, Photoshop, etc.—continue to expand the AI features they offer. We tend not to use them. That said, some tools like Grammarly—a proofreading software—rely on AI as part of the core of its software, meaning that there’s at least some AI influence on this site.

We will continue to consider if there are useful ways to use AI in the future, but we are likely to be late to the “revolution.” Since Day 1, our guiding light always gets back to the same principle: create the cigar blog we’d want to read. We’d like to read a blog written by humans, with photos taken by humans.

Last updated by a human: April 12, 2024.