Virginia House Passes Cigar Tax Cap Bill

Virginia could have one of the 10 lowest cigar tax rates in the country if H.B. 1417 passes.

Wyoming Premium Cigar Tax Cap Clears Committee

The bill would cap taxes on “premium cigars” at no more than 30 cents per cigar. If passed, it would likely save consumers on purchases of any cigar that costs more than $3.

Indiana Senator Introduces Bill To Cap State’s Cigar Tax at 72 Cents

Indiana cigar smokers could be paying less for their stogies if the bill passes.

Bill Seeks to Lower Virginia’s Cigar Tax to 30 Cents Per Cigar

If passed, H.B. 1417 would not only return the cigar tax rate to 10 percent but it would also introduce a 30-cent per cigar tax cap.

British Columbia Adds 7 Percent Tax to Tobacco Products

A new provincial tax will make cigars and other tobacco products more expensive in British Columbia.

Proposed Legislation Would Increase New York’s Cigar Tax to 95 Percent

The proposed 95 percent tax rate would make New York the most expensive state to purchase cigar in America. In short, a cigar with an MSRP of $9.50 would be $18.53 before sales taxes.

Alaska Legislature Passes Tobacco 21 Bill, Sends to Governor

Alaska is close to bringing its tobacco purchasing age laws into alignment with the federal minimum age.

Indiana House of Representatives Strips Cigar Tax Cap from Bill, Heads Back to Senate (Update)

Correction: This article initially reported that the cigar tax cap had been included in the bill passed by the House. However, it was stripped from the…

Mississippi Tobacco Tax Increase Bill Dies in Committee

This week, a bill in the Mississippi House of Representatives seeking to raise the tax on tobacco products other than cigarettes died in committee. The…

Indiana Bill With Cigar Tax Cap Passes Senate

Premium cigars sold in Indiana could be getting a bit cheaper, as a bill that includes a $0.72 tax cap passed the state Senate by…

Mississippi Legislator Files Bill to Increase State’s Tobacco Tax

A bill introduced into the Mississippi House of Representatives this week is seeking to raise the state’s tobacco taxes from 15 percent of the wholesale…