IPCPR 2014

The 82nd annual IPCPR Convention & International Trade Show will take place at the Sans Expo Center in Las Vegas, N.V. It will take place July 19-23, 2014.

Boutique Blends Shipping La Bohéme and Swag Black This Week

Boutique Blends has begun shipping two of its latest creation to retailers, La Bohéme and Swag Black. Both cigars were announced in the weeks leading up...
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Another Week in Paradise: IPCPR 2014 Recap

Last month, the cigar industry gathered in Las Vegas, Nev. for the annual IPCPR trade show and convention. Even a part-time reader of the site...
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IPCPR 2014: Black Label Trading Company

Black Label Trading Company had a pretty good booth placement – right around the corner from the lunch area and right across from one of...
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IPCPR 2014: Oettinger Davidoff AG

There was no big Davidoff Nicaragua launch. No reintroduction of Camacho. No Avo Uvezian. In many ways, the Davidoff booth felt less spectacular than in...
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IPCPR 2014: Dante

While there may have not been an abundance of new product on display at the IPCPR trade show, Mo Fakhro and Michael Huff have plenty in...
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IPCPR 2014: Rocky Patel

After covering Rocky Patel for the last five years, there are two things that have been hallmarks of the company’s trade shows each year. One,...
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IPCPR 2014: Las Cumbres Tabaco

It’s hard to consider José Blanco “new” when it comes to anything regarding the cigar business. When one looks up “cigar industry veteran”—it seems almost...
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IPCPR 2014: Arturo Fuente & J.C. Newman

After a few years of a lot of new product from Arturo Fuente and J.C. Newman, the two family-owned companies seemed focused on things other...
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IPCPR 2014: Ashton

If you were hoping to find a new inexpensive Ashton product at this year’s IPCPR convention and trade show, you should keep looking. The company...
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This was the second trade show for Reinier Lorenzo’s HVC and the place where the company’s first non-AGANORSA produced line debuted. More importantly, the company has...
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IPCPR 2014: Daniel Marshall

While the music was not the loudest—that honor once again went to Drew Estate—Daniel Marshall was the only company with a live rapper in its...
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