There was no big Davidoff Nicaragua launch. No reintroduction of Camacho. No Avo Uvezian. In many ways, the Davidoff booth felt less spectacular than in year’s past. In reality, it’s an indication of how high Hans-Kristian Hoejsgaard, Jim Young and their teams have set the bar. The expectations in both excitement and execution from Davidoff are as high as they are from any in the business; and that’s probably a point of pride for the Swiss giant. And yet, despite the lack of anything “big”—when you look down the list of new products from Davidoff and its brands, the list is as long as any.


Uvezian was not in attendance due to health problems. Fortunately, the piano was not empty the entirety of the show, although it was a bit odd. Next year will be the year for AVO. There was some indication the company’s facelift to the brand would take place this year, but it’s now on track for 2015.

AVO Classic 6 x 60
Retails for $10.

AVO Greatest Hits Sampler

AVO Greatest Hits Sampler
Limited to 5,000 boxes and priced at $224 per box. It features 14 cigars, every annual limited edition the company has released with the exception of the European market AVO 22 and the AVO LE05.

AVO Heritage Lancero

AVO Heritage Lancero
Limited to 2,500 boxes of 20. It measures 7 1/4 x 40 and will retail for $8. This is the first AVO produced in a lancero format.

Measures 6 x 54, sold in boxes of 20 and priced at $11.

Baccarat 6 x 60
The sweet-tipped cigar is now offered in the gordo vitola. Pricing is $6 per cigar or $150 per box of 25.

Baccarat Cigarillos
In October the company will ship cigarillos with classic, rum and cognac flavorings. Pricing will be $8 per pack of 10 cigarillos.

B G Meyer Co Slackers

B.G. Meyer Co. Standard Issue
The debut release from the company’s new partnership with Rob Weiss. Now shipping to all accounts. We reviewed the cigar here.

B.G. Meyer Co. Slackers
This is a Dominican-made cigar sold in tins of four. Pricing is set at $4 per cigar. More details here.

Camacho Double Shock Limited Edition 2014

Camacho Double Shock
The annual limited edition is scheduled for October. More details can be found here.

Camacho IPCPR 2014

Camacho Four-Packs
The company has added new four-packs in the Camacho Connecticut, Corojo and Criollo lines. These are shipping now.

Camacho Liberty Series 2014
Details here.

Not present, as far as we saw.

Davidoff Anniversary Program
The company announced a new program for its U.S. retailers celebrating major anniversaries. It will make five different blends per year, all in the same vitola, and allow Davidoff appointed merchants their choice of sizes for any major anniversary. While the cigars will be banded with Davidoff’s signature white label, the boxes will carry the store’s name.

None of the blends used will be from current production Davidoff lines. Each retailer who chooses to participate will need to place a minimum order of 300 boxes of 10 cigars. There is no set maximum, although each retailer only has one opportunity to purchase the cigars. Davidoff expects around five merchants per year will do so, and while it seemingly is hoping that each retailer selects a different blend, it would not stop multiple retailers from having the same cigar.

This year’s version will be a robusto gordo, which will ship in September. Next year’s is a toro and will ship in the first quarter of 2015.

Davidoff Las Vegas 15th Anniversary
According to Davidoff’s Kris Miller, the aforementioned anniversary line will not be relevant to Davidoff’s own retail stores. The Las Vegas store celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and is said to be getting its own cigar.

Davidoff Nicaragua

Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema
The fourth regular production size of Davidoff Nicaragua has begun shipping to stores. It measures 6 1/2 x 50 and is sold in four-packs or boxes of 12. We reviewed the cigar here.

Primeros by Davidoff POS

Primeros by Davidoff
A revamped short fill line is launching from Davidoff, including Primeros by Davidoff Nicaragua and Primeros by Davidoff Nicaragua Maduro. Neither of those blends are identical to the regular Davidoff Nicaragua blend. There is also new merchandising for the product.

Davidoff Jet Flame
There are two new finishes for the torch lighter introduced last year. Pricing is set at $495.

Davidoff Humidor No 1

Davidoff No. 1 Humidor Returns
There are two different wood options. Pricing is set at $5,238.

Davidoff Red Office Collection

Davidoff Red Office
It’s very red. An XL-2 cigar case will set you back $171 in red leather while the humidor retails for $3,253.

Davidoff White Leather

Davidoff White Leather
A new collection from Davidoff featuring white leather. There are two different humidors, one priced at $3,253 and the above Dome humidor, which retails for north of $6,500. Six different cigar cases are available with pricing set between $121-193.

Ditka Signature
The first regular production line from Camacho’s partnership with Mike Ditka. This is scheduled to ship in late August. More details here.

Griffin’s Anniversary Edition 2014 Club Series II
Already shipping, details here.

Griffin s Gran Robusto

Griffin’s Gran Robusto
Already shipping, details here.

Room101 Shopping Cart

Not much going on here as far as new products. The Big Payback sales are still going quite strong after a few months.

Nikki Covington

Matt Booth was engaged to Nikki Covington the night before the trade show kicked off and he made good on his promise of a gold shopping cart. There’s plenty more coming from Room101.

Room101 The Big Payback

That is not a cigar holder.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Zino Acrylic Humidor IPCPR 2014

Zino Acrylic Accessories
The company has expanded onto its Zino Acrylic collection, including the easy-to-photograph clear humidor.

Zino Platinum Make of Texas Collector s Edition 2014

Zino Platinum Make of Texas Collector’s Edition 2014
The latest from the Zino Platinum limited edition line. Once again, there are four different boxes and bands, this time styled by Houston-based Gonzo 247 of Aerosol Warfare. The cigar uses an Ecuadorian wrapper over Dominican binder and fillers. It measures 5 1/2 x 56 and will retail for $16 per cigar or $160 per box of 10. It is limited to 750 boxes of each box design or 30,000 cigars.

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