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Drew Estate

Undercrown Flying Pig (2012)

After nearly 12 year, it’s time to review the original Undercrown Flying Pig, a once tiny exclusive release for the Netherlands that has since become a regular production SKU.

Liga Privada 10 Aniversario Selección de Mercado

This version was created for non-U.S. markets and is said to offer a smoother blend than the original Liga Privada 10 Aniversario.

Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Flying Pig

It’s not a flying turkey. (This joke won’t make sense when searching the archives.)

Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Papas Fritas

Once again, Drew Estate used its Freestyle Live show to announce a new cigar.

Liga Privada Único Serie Year of the Rabbit

For the second year in a row, Drew Estate sent its Chinese zodiac calendar-themed release to CoH Cigars in Hong Kong. The release, the Year of the Rabbit, is a completely different cigar from the Year of the Tiger released in 2022.

Blackened Cigars “M81” Robusto

The cigar is the creation of Metallica frontman James Hetfield, Blackened Whiskey master distiller Rob Dietrich, and the Drew Estate team.

Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo Phineas Gage Lancero

The second vitola in Drew Estate’s Liga Privada H99 Connecticut Corojo line is a 7 x40 lancero named Phineas Gage.

Nica Rustica Adobe Robusto

The Nica Rustica Adobe Robusto is a rare new cigar with a sub-$6 price point.

Undercrown Maduro Corona Pequeña

The aptly named Undercrown Maduro Corona Pequeña, a 4 x 44 petit corona, gets a redux just about two years after its initial review.

Liga Privada Único Serie Year of the Tiger

Drew Estate celebrated the Year of the Tiger with a new Liga Privada Único Serie release for a retailer in Hong Kong, though it’s not that hard to order some directly to your doorstep.

ACID 20 Connecticut Toro

For the first time since August 2020, Charlie Minato reviews a flavored cigar.