Smoking Bans

Waco, Texas Overturns Ban on New Cigar, Hookah Lounges

Previously, a cigar store that opened after July 2015 could not allow smoking inside the store.

Smoking Now Allowed in House Side of Congress

While you may not be able to smoke in your office, your local member of Congress can.

Nashville, Tenn. Bans Smoking in Bars

Tennessee’s capitol and largest city will prohibit smoking in bars and most other age-restricted places.

Dayton, Ky. Passes Smoking Ban for All Public Places

The bill has no exemptions for cigar lounges or tobacco retailers.

St. Petersburg, Fla. Moves Towards Beach Smoking Ban

State law says smoking cigars on the beach should remain legal.

Ulster, N.Y. Bans Tobacco at Town-Owned Properties

Those caught violating the new law could spend 15 days in jail.

Ramsey County, Minn. Bans Smoking on County-Owned Property

A county in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area has snuffed out smoking on its property.

New York Banning Smoking in State-Owned Parks and Beaches

It will soon be against the law to enjoy a cigar in New York’s state-owned parks and beaches.

Manhattan, Kan. Approves Exemption to Allow Smoking in Cigar Shops

Cigar lounges could soon be able to allow their customers to light up inside.

Florida Governor Signs Bill Allowing Beach and Park Smoking Bans, Premium Cigars Exempted

Cities and counties are now able to enact their own smoking bans, but they can’t ban smoking cigars.