Portraits: Phil S. Zanghi III

We were sitting in a garage talking about modified Mercedes-Benz cars from the 1980s, and Phil S. Zanghi III suddenly begins to tell us a...
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Portraits: Sébastien Decoppet

If you’ve seen a cigar with a small gold diamond on the wrapper, you’ve seen a cigar from Sébastien Decoppet’s Cavalier Genève. The Swiss-born Decoppet originally worked as...
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Portraits: Drew Newman

Drew Newman’s been working for the family business for over two decades, but he didn’t become a full-time employee of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. until...
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Portraits: Alejandro González Arias

There is any number of custom Cuban cigar rollers in Cuba, but only one can be the youngest. At only 32-years-old, Alejandro “Alex” González Arias...
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Portraits: Tony Gomez

Tony Gomez is in the family business. The younger, taller Gomez started with La Flor Dominicana a handful of years ago working as the company’s Florida...
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Portraits: Yuri Guillen

Yuri Guillen is in charge of one of the largest cigar factories in the world: General Cigar Dominicana, the Santiago-based behemoth that is responsible for...
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Portraits: Alain Crevet

S.T.Dupont, in all of its glorious Francophilia, is not actually owned by a French person. In the late 1980s, Dickson Concepts, the company of Hong Kong...
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Portraits: Robert Caldwell

Two of the five most talked-about cigars of the year have something to do with the person you see below. Robert Caldwell has quickly grown...
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Portraits: Hector Luis Prieto

You may not have heard of Hector Luis Prieto, but he is one of the most important men in tobacco today. Born in the western Cuban town...
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Portraits: Alejandro Turrent

Alejandro Turrent may be as close to the face of Mexican tobacco as the cigar industry has, and the fact that he’s not more well...
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Portraits: Javier Estades Saez

Last month, I watched numerous consumers chat with Javier Estades Saez and eventually ask: so what do you do for the company. Javier Estades Saez is the...
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