The Consensus

The Consensus Top 25 Cigars 2019

The Consensus is back and with more lists than last year. In 2018, there were 28 lists contributed 397 cigars. This year, those numbers increased to...
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2018 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

As many of you noted in the comments section of our own Top 25 list, there are—potentially—too many best cigars of the year list. What’s...
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2017 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

What were to happen if you took all the top 25 cigars lists and put them together. That’s the goal of The Consensus, a yearly feature...
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2016 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

It is likely that there will never be a year quite like 2016 for The Consensus. The difference between first and second? One point. The difference...
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2015 Awards: The Consensus Top 25 Cigars

And we’re back. As we’ve done for the previous four years, here is The Consensus. It’s a tabulated list of various top five, 10 and 25...
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2014 Awards: The Consensus

The statistical analysis of a highly imperfect system is back. For the last four years we’ve published The Consensus, a statistical analysis of combining all the...
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2013 Awards: The Consensus

Since this site started, there has not been a more intriguing feature than this one. The concept is simple: record every known best cigars lists...
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2012 Awards: The Consensus

And the top cigar of 2012 is. First, a bit of what this is and what it is not. This is a compilation of 53...
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The Consensus: 2011 Awards

For the 2010 rendition of this concept, click here to see Brian Hewitt’s work. Before anyone starts, I started this long before Bill Berris posted...
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