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SpaceX Starship Torch

If you can’t go to the moon with SpaceX, you can light your cigar with a replica of one the company’s rockets.

S.T. Dupont Slimmy

S.T. Dupont’s key releases in 2023 focused on flat flames, few more so than this lighter.

Vertigo Boxer

Does angling the flame make for a better cigar-lighting experience?

Vertigo Page

The flame is flat and angled, while the price is among the lowest you’ll see for a cigar lighter.

S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dupont Perfect Ping

Soft flame? Check. Torch flame? Check. Six years of waiting to review this? Check.

Vertigo Sickle

At $30, the Vertigo Sickle is cheaper than many dual-flame lighters and double guillotine cutters. This unique lighter includes a built-in straight cutter.

THiCket Raygun Torch

Having reviewed lighters from all the familiar cigar accessory makers, it seemed time to branch out and look for an option from a company that…

Siglo Chameleon

It’s a lighter that changes colors. Yes. you read that correctly.

Palió Lazio

If you’ve been lighter shopping lately, you know that there is a ton of competition in what would be considered the budget-friendly end of the…

Vector ICON IV

For the fourth release in its flagship ICON line, Vector-KGM joined a growing number of companies in getting into the wide flat flame segment of…

Caseti BigFlat

Sometimes a cigar or accessory will have a name you have to do some research on, and then there are times when a company comes…