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SpaceX Starship Torch

If you can’t go to the moon with SpaceX, you can light your cigar with a replica of one the company’s rockets.

Böker Plus Cigar Cutter

This cutting option combines a cigar cutter and knife into one product.

Case Elegance KOBI Humidor

The world of sub-$150 desktop humidors tends to look the same. Then there’s Case Elegance.

S.T. Dupont Slimmy

S.T. Dupont’s key releases in 2023 focused on flat flames, few more so than this lighter.

Paul Garmirian Super Sheffield Cutter

There aren’t many Holy Grail cigar accessories, but we got our hands on one of the most legendary cigar cutters ever made.

XIKAR Perfect Xi1

So you wanted a XIKAR Xi cutter with a backplate.

Vertigo Boxer

Does angling the flame make for a better cigar-lighting experience?

OH!VAL Cigar Ashtray

A modern-looking, single cigar ashtray with a stirrup. Yes please.

Vertigo Page

The flame is flat and angled, while the price is among the lowest you’ll see for a cigar lighter.

S.T. Dupont Le Grand Dupont Perfect Ping

Soft flame? Check. Torch flame? Check. Six years of waiting to review this? Check.