Procigar 2020: Day 5 + Conclusion

When registration for Procigar 2020 opened late last year there was a very obvious change. Normally, Procigar features the optional first two days in Casa...
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Festival del Habano XXII: Day 0

They say that if you do something enough, eventually you get used to it, but whoever said that had obviously never had to deal with...
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Procigar 2020: Day 4

The one Procigar tour that everyone wishes they take is the journey to Caribe, they just don’t know it yet. As I’ve said multiple times...
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Procigar 2020: Day 3

Wednesday of Procigar 2020 takes me to Tabacalera La Alianza S.A., the home of Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr.’s E.P. Carrillo and the various clients for whom...
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Procigar 2020: Day 2

While Tuesday of Procigar started a bit later than it typically starts, my morning began far earlier than I’d like. After some brief work, I packed...
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Procigar 2020: Day 0 + 1

Greetings from Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. We are right in the middle of cigar festival season, Nicaragua’s was last month, Cuba’s festival is next...
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TPE 2020: Patrick Lagreid Recap

This marked the first time that I had been to the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) since 2015; after covering it that year as well as...
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Puro Sabor 2020: Day 5

Or better yet “Day 5.” This post is two things. First, it’s the final part of our daily coverage of Puro Sabor 2020, the Nicaraguan...
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Puro Sabor 2020: Day 4

I’m not exactly sure what it was, but I woke up Friday morning thinking that this week has gone way too fast. Not in the...
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Puro Sabor 2020: Day 3

So far, my visits to factories in Estelí have all been return visits: J.C. Newman PENSA, which I visited on Wednesday, as well as My...
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Puro Sabor 2020: Day 2

We were supposed to be on the busses at 7:50 a.m., leaving Managua for Estelí at 8 a.m. And sure enough, at 8 a.m. or...
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