Vertigo Rocket

In the arena of budget-friendly cigar lighters, The Lotus Group/Integral Logistics submitted a new player last summer, the Vertigo Rocket, a pocket-friendly triple torch lighter...
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S.T. Dupont Initial

For the 75th anniversary of its lighter collection, S.T. Dupont released a new dual soft flame lighter known as the Initial, an accessory inspired by...
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JetLine Patriot

JetLine unveiled the Patriot at the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, a show that saw the company also put out a number of items...
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Colibri Slide

Read enough lighter reviews and there is one word that you will see with almost boilerplate consistency: down. In particular, regarding the ignition mechanism, it’s...
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Vertigo Excaliber

In the world of lighters and other cigar accessories, manufacturers seem to always be aiming for some perceived sweet spot where price, style and performance...
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Caseti Elegante

It goes without saying that lighters come in all shapes and sizes, but occasionally one comes along to push the edges of the spectrum, and...
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Vertigo Spectre

As cigars get bigger, so do lighters and cutters, and the triple flame torch that once seemed overkill is now dwarfed by four and even...
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XIKAR Xidris

Occasionally in one of our cigar reviews, the lineage of a cigar gets mentioned; for instance, the vast chain of Oliva Serie V releases or...
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Tesla Coil Lighter

Think about the various ways to light a cigar, and while there are several options from matches and soft flame lighters to jet torches, they...
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JetLine Aspen

In a somewhat crowded cigar accessories marketplace, JetLine has managed to carve out a unique place for itself at the intersection of great value and...
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Cigar Traveller CT30

One of the relatively minor inconveniences of being a cigar smoker who travels is that I’m not able to bring a torch lighter with me....
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