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Dissident Cigars

Dissident ReVolt

The Dissident ReVolt is described as a toned-down version of the company’s HOME 2023 release. Both cigars are limited edition barber poles, though ReVolt is round while HOME 2023 was box-pressed.

PCA 2023: Dissident Cigars

Dissident is back with another limited edition, which takes a milder approach to one of the brand’s more popular lines.

Dissident ReVolt Debuting at PCA 2023

The cigar brings “bring individuality, art and punk to the world of cigars.”

Dissident Adds Rave NON Box-Pressed Robusto

The Rave NON Box-Pressed Robusto is exactly what it sounds like: a round robusto version of Rave.

Dissident Cigars Brings Back HOME for 2023

The brand’s annual limited edition is back after a year off, marking the first HOME to be released under new owner and blender Cynn Coburn.

PCA 2022: Dissident

Cynn and Joshua Coburn attended their first PCA show as brand owners and brought with them a PCA exclusive limited edition cigar, the first new cigar to be released under the Dissident name since buying the brand at the end of 2021.

Dissident Molotov Debuting at PCA 2022

Molotov is the first new cigar Dissident has released since Cynn and Joshua Coburn purchased the brand last year.

Dissident Cigars Sold to Cynn & Joshua Coburn

The Dissident Cigar brand has new owners today, as the company announced it has been sold to Cynn and Joshua Coburn, a husband and wife…

PCA 2021: Dissident

Dissident is once again in the Oveja Negra Brands booth. While there is nothing officially new at the show, owner Benjamin Holt took a moment…

PCA 2021: A List of Companies With No New Products

While many companies at the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show will have new products, the following companies have confirmed to halfwheel that they are exhibiting…