La Galera 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Cortador

For a brand that’s only a couple of years old, you might find it odd to have an 80th Anniversary edition released, but in 2016...
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Montecristo Dallas Series

One of the most interesting trends in the cigar industry over the past few years has been large cigar manufacturers and brands getting into the...
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Por Larrañaga Belicosos Extra (ER Asia Pacific 2008)

This is the tenth Edición Regional we’ve reviewed from the 2008 program. Astonishingly, that means we have seven left. Back in 2008, Habanos S.A. was...
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Faraón Ramses Belicoso

In 2015 and 2016, the premium cigar industry saw a trend of small cigar companies based in the Dominican Republic bringing their products to American...
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Montecristo 80th Anniversary

Two years ago, the Montecristo brand celebrated its 80th anniversary. As expected, an anniversary cigar was made. Two actually. One was from Cuba, which in particular Habanos...
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Tatuaje Unicos Reserva Broadleaf

There is certainly something to be said for making a big first impression, and that’s just what Pete Johnson did when he unveiled a 100-cigar...
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La Aroma de Cuba Noblesse Viceroy

In 2014, Ashton Distributors, Inc. expanded its La Aroma de Cuba brand with a limited edition line called Noblesse. Since then, the company has expanded...
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San Cristobal Quintessence Belicoso

At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Ashton Distributors, Inc. added a fifth cigar to its growing portfolio of San Cristobal blends, calling the...
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Diet Pepper Cream Soda

In 2014, Tony Bellatto, Robert Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears founded the Impromptu brand, made up of cigars that were “lost” in various factories around the world that the...
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Oliva O Maduro Oasis

In 2001, Oliva Cigar Co. debuted three blends in a new flagship line named the O Series, each differentiated by a different color band made of...
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Tatuaje W Nice Ash 2015

A few short months after the Tatuaje W Nice Ash store exclusive for Nice Ash Cigars came out in 2015, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje announced...
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