Oliva O Maduro Oasis

In 2001, Oliva Cigar Co. debuted three blends in a new flagship line named the O Series, each differentiated by a different color band made of...
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Tatuaje W Nice Ash 2015

A few short months after the Tatuaje W Nice Ash store exclusive for Nice Ash Cigars came out in 2015, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje announced...
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Alec Bradley Prensado DeSocio

Alliance Cigar Co. has one of the more unique limited edition series on the market. The New York-based distributor sells a lot of cigars, including...
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Montecristo Dallas Series

In September, a new Casa de Montecristo opened in Dallas, Texas, and with the new store came a new cigar, the Montecristo Dallas Series. It’s...
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Viaje WLP Birthday Blend (2016)

The celebration of holidays has been the inspiration for a Viaje cigar more than once, as cigars have been released for St. Patrick’s Day, 4th...
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Faraón Ramses Belicoso

One of the more notable trends that the cigar industry has seen in the past two years or so is that of small Dominican cigar...
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Davidoff Up in Smoke 25th Anniversary Exclusive

A while back, Davidoff announced that it would be helping its appointed merchants celebrate milestone anniversaries—basically those ending in 5 or 0—with exclusive cigars. One of the stores to...
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Davidoff Regency Cigar Emporium Exclusive 2016

Debuting in 2014, the Davidoff retailer anniversary exclusive program allows appointed merchants to commemorate major anniversaries by incorporating their branding onto a special Davidoff of their own....
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Davidoff Las Vegas Exclusive

In case you’ve been under a rock for the past few years, Davidoff has been taking a multi-faceted approach to seemingly becoming the world’s most...
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Viaje Friends and Family Edición Limitada Le Joueur

Viaje has many limited edition or limited production cigars, and there are a number of them where specific details such as one part of the blend...
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Flores y Rodriguez Connecticut Valley Reserve Belicoso

At the 2015 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, PDR Cigars showed off its latest super premium release, the Flores y Rodriguez Connecticut Valley Reserve. The four...
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