Raquel Quesada

IPCPR 2018: The Big Preview Show (1:30 P.M. CDT)

Live from the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, it’s The Big Show. Bloggers, guests and giveaways. Join Team halfwheel and a dozen guests for a...
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Quesada Revamps Fonseca Classic Packaging

Quesada Cigars has announced that it has updated its Fonseca Classic line. The blend remains the same—a Connecticut wrapper over Dominican fillers—though Miguel Nuñez, the...
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Quesada Cigars Revamps Management

Quesada Cigars has formally announced a variety of management changes to its family-owned company including a new management staff, sales leadership and operations. Some of...
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Procigar 2017: Day 3

There are many constants of Procigar, not getting enough sleep is amongst them. After writing a quick story about some positive FDA news, I headed...
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Puro Sabor 2016: Day 3

I was on my way downstairs when I saw Gustavo Cura of Oliva Tobacco Co. trying to find his room. Like many, he had been...
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Quesada Reserva Privada Robusto (Prerelease)

During the 2015 ProCigar Festival held this past February in the Dominican Republic, Quesada Cigars showed off its most premium cigar to date, the Quesada...
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Tres Reynas 2013 Corona

There will be no Tres Reynas this year and it’s unclear if one will return next year. What is for certain is that the two...
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Quesada Plans Charlie Moore Launch, Heisenberg Chest & More

While there will not be an abundance of new products, Quesada’s plans for this year’s IPCPR convention and trade show include a few changes to...
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Matasa 30th Anniversary by Fonseca Toro

By this time next week, Quesada’s 40th anniversary cigar will likely be out in the open, as the company is expected to preview the product...
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Review: Tres Reynas 2013 Corona (Prerelease)

Last year Janny García of My Father and Patricia and Raquel Quesada of SAG Imports/Quesada announced a joint project, Tres Reynas. While the cigar was...
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Fonseca Signature Series TAA

By now you should be somewhat familiar with the Tobacconist Association of America, a group just under 100 retailers who represent some of the biggest stores...
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