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July 12, 2022

PCA 2022: Alec Bradley

Alec Bradley is debuting a number of new things at PCA 2022, including a new blend, a size extension of two existing blends, and a special four-pack of some classic, discontinued lines.


AGANORSA Leaf’s booth is front and center for 2022. That means a constant flow of foot traffic which makes for a very crowded booth.

PCA 2022: Stolen Throne Cigars

Stolen Throne Cigars’ first limited edition is the Phantom Queen, which is named after the Celtic deity of death and war who would often appear as a warrior queen and a raven in the same story.

PCA 2022: Kristoff

Glen Case, owner of Kristoff, has used a near-death experience as the inspiration for his newest cigar line.

PCA 2022: Arango Cigar Co.

Arango Cigar Co. has commissioned a cigar from Rocky Patel to pay tribute to their Chicago-area roots, and it is debuting here at the show.

PCA 2022: Luxury Cigar Club

Luxury Cigar Club’s newest line is not able to be displayed, but that does not stop the company from introducing itself to the cigar industry at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show.

PCA 2022: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co. is introducing a new line and additional sizes added to two of the existing lines.

General Cigar Co., Arturo Fuente Spar Over “X” Trademark

Two of the world’s largest cigar companies are battling over whether STG’s CAO BX3 violates Arturo Fuente’s OpusX trademarks.

PCA 2022: What’s In My Bag — Patrick Lagreid

After a decade covering the trade show, the bag went through a drastic reduction this year.

Revamped Los Statos Deluxe Heads to Retailers

The cigar underwent an extreme makeover led by Matt Booth and Justin Andrews.

PCA 2022: Cavalier Genève

For the first time ever, there is a Cavalier Genève that doesn’t have gold foil on the wrapper leaf.