Stanford’s 90th Diamond Crown MAXIMUS

In 2006, the J.C. Newman Company introduced the Stanford’s 90th Diamond Crown Maximus cigar to pay tribute to Stanford Newman, the firm’s reigning icon, who...
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Review: Ramón Allones Belicosos (ER Germany 2010)

Continuing with the ever popular Cuban Edición Regional series, Ramón Allones. The first release of the year is a Ramón Allones Belicoso for the Alemania region,...
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Lords of England (1920s)

There have been quite a few cigar companies that have gone out of business in the last 200 years especially in Cuba, but even I...
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Tatuaje The Frank

In 2008 Pete Johnson of Tatuaje with the help of a good friend, came up with the idea for a very special Halloween cigar release. Pete...
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Pinar Del Río Small Batch 2010 (Prerelease)

About two months ago, it was announced that Pinar Del Rio would be releasing a very limited cigar run to be sold through—and only to...
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Camacho Liberty 2005

In July of 2002, the Eiroa family, owners of Camacho cigars, released a Honduran cigar to celebrate the freedom they had found in America. This...
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Vegas Robaina Famosos (1997)

In 1997, a new brand of Cuban cigars was born: Vegas Robaina. Named after the legendary Alejandro Robaina, who passed away in April, it uses...
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Viaje TNT

About two months ago, I started hearing that Viaje was going to be releasing three new and fairly limited cigars in the coming months. The...
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Punch Diademas Extra (ER Italia 2009)

In 2008, the Punch Diademas Extra was scheduled to be released as an Edición Regional series. Unfortunately, there were significant delays, reportedly due to the fact...
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My Father El Picador

About two weeks ago, I heard that a new My Father cigar had been released at Empire Cigars in Raleigh, N.C. It seems that the owner...
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Review: Illusione Epernay Le Matin

For those of you that don’t know. Illusione is releasing some very interesting cigars in the near future (including two new Lanceros with Maduro and...
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