La Galera

La Galera Anemoi Eurus

While the most well-known brand with a moniker inspired by the mythology could be Prometheus, La Galera Cigars has also found inspiration from Greek mythology and...
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La Galera Connecticut Shorts

No, it’s not a Short Story Connecticut, but it does look like a lighter-wrapped version of the classic Arturo Fuente. Earlier this year, La Galera...
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La Galera 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Cortador

For a brand that’s only a couple of years old, you might find it odd to have an 80th Anniversary edition released, but in 2016...
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La Galera Habano Chaveta

Well known for growing well-regarded tobacco and producing acclaimed cigars, José “Jochy” Blanco of Tabacalera Palma had never had his own brand, one that bore...
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La Galera Connecticut Tabaquero Presidente

After purchasing Indianhead Distributors last October, José “Jochy” Blanco announced that the first release under the new brand would be named La Galera, which was supposed...
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