Tatuaje Monster Series

IPCPR 2019: Tatuaje

There is always a lot to talk about with Pete Johnson as far as new products are concerned. It’s not the overwhelming amount that comes...
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Tatuaje The Bride

Lets take a walk down memory lane, shall we? All the way back to a simpler time known as 2008, the year the New York Giants...
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Tatuaje’s Unlucky 13 Retailers Announced, The Bride Begins Shipping (Update)

Pete Johnson took to social media on Saturday morning to announce this year’s Unlucky 13, the group of retailers who will be receiving the bulk...
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Tatuaje The Bride Details Emerge

The final Monster Series release is upon us. Later this month, Tatuaje will show off the Monster Series #13, The Bride, ahead of its October release....
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Tatuaje The Michael

Despite attempts from Pete Johnson and others, there is no cigar more associated with the Halloween holiday than those part of Johnson’s Tatuaje Monster Series....
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Tatuaje The Michael Arrives in Stores

The penultimate Tatuaje Monster Series release has arrived in stores. Retailers around the country are now receiving The Michael, the 10th—or 12th—release in Tatuaje’s legendary...
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Tatuaje Unlucky 13 2017 List of Retailers Announced

It’s October, which for the cigar industry means one thing: Tatuaje Monster Series. Every year since 2008 Tatuaje has released a limited edition as part...
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Tatuaje Announces Final Two Monster Releases

The Michael. The Bride. That will be the last two cigars in Tatuaje’s legendary Monster Series. The Michael will be nationally released this year, while The...
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Tatuaje The Krueger

The Tatuaje Monster Series needs no introduction, but an explanation wouldn’t be a bad idea. In 2008, Tatuaje released The Frank, the first of what is...
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Tatuaje Unlucky 13 List Announced for 2016; Ships The Krueger

It’s early October and that means 13 retailers around the country are getting a lot of phone calls. Earlier today, Tatuaje announced the list of...
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Tatuaje The Krueger Chosen as 2016 Monster Series Release (Update)

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje had over two years to determine what the 2016 Monster Series release will be and a few months ago, he chose...
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