Tatuaje Monster Series

Tatuaje Unlucky 13 2017 List of Retailers Announced

It’s October, which for the cigar industry means one thing: Tatuaje Monster Series. Every year since 2008 Tatuaje has released a limited edition as part...
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Tatuaje Announces Final Two Monster Releases

The Michael. The Bride. That will be the last two cigars in Tatuaje’s legendary Monster Series. The Michael will be nationally released this year, while The...
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Tatuaje The Krueger

The Tatuaje Monster Series needs no introduction, but an explanation wouldn’t be a bad idea. In 2008, Tatuaje released The Frank, the first of what is...
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Tatuaje Unlucky 13 List Announced for 2016; Ships The Krueger

It’s early October and that means 13 retailers around the country are getting a lot of phone calls. Earlier today, Tatuaje announced the list of...
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Tatuaje The Krueger Chosen as 2016 Monster Series Release (Update)

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje had over two years to determine what the 2016 Monster Series release will be and a few months ago, he chose...
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Tatuaje Skinny Mummy

While Tatuaje’s Monster Series was launched in 2009, it began to evolve in 2012, the year that the company released The Mummy, the fifth installment...
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Tatuaje Skinny Jekyll

As one of the more recently added cigars in Tatuaje Monster Series, The Jekyll doesn’t have quite as much history as some of the other...
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Tatuaje Ships Skinny Monsters

The day has come. The Tatuaje Skinny Monsters are on their way to stores. It’s the latest in Tatuaje’s ever-expanding Monster Series. What was once...
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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Slated for 2016

Tatuaje fans, get ready. Over the last few weeks Pete Johnson has dropped a few hints about the Skinny Monsters, a collection of thinner versions...
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Tatuaje The Hyde

It’s that time of year again. Tatuaje’s legendary and-or infamous Monster Series is back with another release, The Hyde. It all started in 2008 with...
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Tatuaje The Hyde Heads to Stores Nationwide

While 13 retailers received shipments of the latest rendition of Tatuaje’s Monster Series last week, now stores all across the U.S. can expect to take...
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