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Rojas Cigars

Rojas Cigars Raises Price of Street Tacos, Increases Ring Gauge on Breakfast Tacos

Consumers will soon see a slightly higher price on Street Tacos, and a slightly fatter Breakfast Taco.

PCA 2023: Rojas Cigars

Now with (slightly) more 10th Anniversary cigar news!

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro

It’s quite possibly the smallest handmade perfecto cigar with a binder you’ll see at your cigar shop.

Rojas Cigars’ Elote Firecracker Heads to Stores Today

A short, punchy, and limited edition version of Rojas Cigars’ Street Tacos Barbacoa line is on its way to retailers today.

Rojas Cigars to Debut Breakfast Tacos at TPE, Announces Price Increase to Street Tacos

Noel Rojas’ newest line is an offshoot of his Street Tacos line, and despite the name, you can smoke them any time of day.

Rojas KSG Lonsdale (2022)

The Rojas KSG Lonsdale is the second size of the KSG line. In July, Rojas shipped the KSG Lonsdales to stores nationwide for the first time.

PCA 2022: Rojas Cigars

Rojas Cigars has three new releases to show off during the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show including the latest version of his popular KSG Lancero, the second addition to his Street Tacos Series and a new four-vitola line named Unfinished Business.

PCA 2022: Stolen Throne Cigars

Stolen Throne Cigars’ first limited edition is the Phantom Queen, which is named after the Celtic deity of death and war who would often appear as a warrior queen and a raven in the same story.