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Liga Privada Único Serie

Drew Estate Sending Liga Privada Porchetta to Casa de Montecristo Stores

The 6 x 46 box-pressed belicoso will only be sold at Casa de Montecristo brick and mortar stores.

Drew Estate Sending Liga Privada Year of the Rabbit to CoH Cigars

Liga Privada Único Serie Year of the Rabbit is a 4 1/2 x 54 parejo with a very unique cap. It will go on sale later this month.

Drew Estate’s Liga Privada UF-4, Pancetta Return for 2022

The Liga Privada Pancetta and UF-4 will return to select stores this week. Both cigars are seasonal releases that are limited to just one or two retailers.

Liga Privada Único Serie Year of the Tiger

Drew Estate celebrated the Year of the Tiger with a new Liga Privada Único Serie release for a retailer in Hong Kong, though it’s not that hard to order some directly to your doorstep.

Liga Privada Bauhaus

While I struggle to remember most of the cigars I review, it’s going to be a while before I forget the Liga Privada Bauhaus. It’s not…

Liga Privada Year of the Tiger Heading to CoH Cigars

There will be a Liga Privada Year of the Tiger for 2022, though you probably won’t be seeing it on shelves. Drew Estate has announced…

Drew Estate Begins Shipping 2021 Edition of Year of the Rat

The 2021 version of the Liga Privada Único Series Year of the Rat is on its way to Drew Diplomat Program retailers. The cigar debuted…

Liga Privada Year of the Ox

For good reason, there has been a lot of talk about the past year and a half, and how 2020 and potentially 2021 will be…

Liga Privada Pancetta (2020)

While Drew Estate is no stranger to uniquely named cigars, the Liga Privada brand has a number of releases incorporating monikers that could come straight…

Liga Privada Year of the Ox Goes on Sale in China

There’s a new Liga Privada Year of the Ox on sale in China. The cigar is a 6 1/4 x 54 toro extra that uses…

Liga Privada Bauhaus

A few weeks ago I was discussing with Brooks Whittington what cigar I was going to smoke for my upcoming redux review. I was struggling,…