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Casa 1910

Casa 1910 Adding El Ebano & Mexigars Lines

There are two new lines—one sold in boxes and another sold in bundles—as well as a second size for the Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition.

Casa 1910’s Cuchillo Parado Reserva 2020 Begins Shipping to Stores

After three years of maturation, the cigars are now on their way to stores.

PCA 2023: Casa 1910

Casa 1910 doesn’t have anything new, but in fact, is bringing back something old.

Casa 1910 Adds Distribution in Switzerland via ImpCor GmbH

The company’s cigars will be available in the country this summer.

Casa 1910 Soldadera Edition to Debut at TPE 2023 (Update)

Casa 1910’s newest line is coming from the Dominican Republic and honors the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution.

Casa 1910 Cavalry Edition As de Oro

The Cavalry Edition As de Oro is one of three new cigars from Casa 1910 that are made in Nicaragua. This release is named after a horse owned by a famous Mexican revolutionary.

Casa 1910 Ships Cavalry Edition, Tierra Blanca

Casa 1910’s new 2022 releases are heading to stores. It includes one cigar made entirely of Mexican tobaccos from the San Andrés Valley and three cigars that use a combination of Mexican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

PCA 2022: Casa 1910

Casa 1910 made quite the splash last year having only introduced a single blend in one size, but this year they’re back with an additional size in their Mexican puro blend along with a new blend featuring three sizes.

Casa 1910 Adding Four New Cigars at PCA 2022

The Mexican cigar company is growing its portfolio with cigars that pay tribute to aspects of the Mexican Revolution.

Casa 1910 Cuchillo Parado

The Cuchillo Parado is the debut release from Casa 1910, a Mexican cigar company that is looking to give cigar smokers a new flavor experience from Mexican tobacco.

PCA 2021: Casa 1910

Not many new, small companies show up to their first PCA Convention & Trade show and make the kind of splash Casa 1910 did. Aiming…