Toscano’s $80 Il Moro Cigar Heading to the U.S. on Nov. 1

Not only is it more expensive than a typical Toscano, it’s also much larger.

Toscano Master Aged Series 3

The company’s new line focuses on a nearly year-long again process.

PCA 2022: Toscano

One of the busiest booths throughout the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show was Toscano. Not only that, the company won an award for best booth.

Toscano Master Aged Series Coming to U.S. Market

Toscano’s newest line balances strong tobaccos with an extended maturation process that the company says helps to smooth out the profile.

Toscano Brings Extravecchio to the U.S.

The Toscano Extravecchio uses tobacco from Tuscany and Tennessee. It’s now available to U.S. stores.

PCA 2021: Toscano

I stopped by the Toscano booth during the middle of the Euro 2020 finals. For most cigar companies, this would be of zero consequence, but…

Toscano Nobile Ships to Stores

The Toscano Nobile is now heading to stores in the U.S. Nobile measures 6 1/2 x 40 and is made in the traditional Toscano style….

Avanti Cigar Co. Taking Over U.S. Distribution of Toscano

As expected, the Italian cigar brand Toscano will move its U.S. distribution in-house. Effective Feb. 1, Avanti Cigar Co.—a subsidiary of Parodi Holdings, LLC—will take…

Miami Cigar & Co. Downsizing Sales Force (Update)

Next year, Miami Cigar & Co.’s salesforce will be much smaller. Effective Jan. 1, the company will reduce its salesforce from 14 sales representatives and…

Toscano Duecento

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do at halfwheel is to review a Toscano. The Italian cigars—the name of which is both a reference…

Toscano Duecento Coming to the U.S. This August

In 2018, Toscano celebrated its 200th anniversary with a cigar called Duecento, but it never was offered in the U.S. Next month, Miami Cigar &…