S.T. Dupont

S.T.Dupont Launching Seven Seas in the U.S. Next Month

A nautical-inspired collection of S.T.Dupont accessories will land stateside next month. The S.T.Dupont Seven Seas Collection takes inspiration from wooden boats, more specifically the teak...
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S.T.Dupont Releases New Collection of 007-Themed Accessories

A new collection of 007-themed S.T.Dupont accessories has hit the market via the Davidoff online store as well as Davidoff of Geneva — since 1911...
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IPCPR 2018: S.T.Dupont

On one hand, I love seeing all of the new items in the S.T.Dupont booth at the annual IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. On the...
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S.T.Dupont Adding Fire Head Under Lacquer

S.T.Dupont is combining its recent Fire Head designs with its famous lacquering process for a new series called Fire Head Under Lacquer. The new collection...
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S.T.Dupont Le Grand Dupont Arrives in the U.S.

S.T.Dupont’s dual flame lighter is finally arriving at stores. The Le Grand Dupont combines a single-flame torch and the company’s classic dual-flame soft flames into...
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Portraits: Alain Crevet

S.T.Dupont, in all of its glorious Francophilia, is not actually owned by a French person. In the late 1980s, Dickson Concepts, the company of Hong Kong...
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S.T.Dupont miniJet 2.0

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the saying we’re all familiar with. But where does the line between fixing it and improving it...
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S.T.Dupont Delays U.S. Release of Le Grand Dupont

The most anticipated luxury lighter of the year will have to wait to next year, at least for the U.S. S.T.Dupont has delayed the U.S....
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S.T.Dupont Debuting Conquest of Wild West at IPCPR 2017

S.T.Dupont’s newest collection will be inspired the American wild west. It’s called Conquest of Wild West, a tribute to the fight between the outlaws of the wild...
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S.T.Dupont miniJet 2.0 Debuting at IPCPR 2017

After over a decade on the market, S.T.Dupont has redesigned its smallest and most affordable lighter, the miniJet. The miniJet 2.0 features a simplified ignition...
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S.T. Dupont Initial

For the 75th anniversary of its lighter collection, S.T. Dupont released a new dual soft flame lighter known as the Initial, an accessory inspired by...
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