S.T. Dupont

Les Mann Joins Coles of London

Les Mann is once again selling S.T.Dupont lighters. Coles of London, the U.S. distributor for S.T.Dupont, has hired Mann as the company’s vp of major...
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S.T.Dupont Slim 7 Space Collection Now Available

Three new space-inspired colorways of S.T.Dupont’s Slim 7 lighter are now available. Coles of London, the U.S. distributor for S.T.Dupont, has announced that it has...
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S.T.Dupont Slim 7 Gets Trio of Matte Colors

S.T.Dupont’s Slim 7 lighter is now offered in three new matte colors. Coles of London, S.T.Dupont’s new U.S. distributor, has begun selling the Slim 7...
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Coles of London Takes Over U.S. Distribution of S.T.Dupont

Coles of London is now the U.S. distributor of S.T.Dupont products for the tobacco segment. It’s an extension to an existing relationship between the Paris-based...
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S.T.Dupont Double Cigar Cutter

During last year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, S.T.Dupont introduced two brand new cutter designs, both of which had a double guillotine cutter as well...
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S.T.Dupont Megajet

It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that I had been tasked with reviewing a flat flame lighter and struggled to come up...
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S.T.Dupont Announces New Cohiba, Behike Collections

French accessory maker S.T.Dupont is teaming up with the world’s most famous cigar brand for the third time. The company has worked with Habanos S.A....
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S.T.Dupont Adds Megajet

There was Mini, Maxi and now Mega. S.T.Dupont has released its newest torch lighter model called Megajet. The new lighter is highlighted by a flat...
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S.T.Dupont Défi XXtrême

In March 2020, S.T.Dupont announced a dual flame version of its Défi Extrême torch lighter, the Défi XXtrême ($398). This new lighter keeps much of the same...
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S.T.Dupont Expands Croco Dandy Collection

S.T.Dupont has added five new lighters to its Croco Dandy collection, all of which are heading to stores today. Croco Dandy draws inspiration from the...
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S.T.Dupont Line 2 Slim Debuts

The smallest S.T.Dupont Line 2 is now in stores, the Line 2 Slim. It’s part of a revamp of the French company’s iconic Line 2...
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