Room101 Death Bucket (2020)

After more than two years in the humidor, it’s time to see if the Room101 Death Bucket can shake off some of the issues that cost it points when it was originally reviewed in July 2020.

Room101 13th Anniversary

It’s not common to see a 13th anniversary cigar, but Matt Booth had plenty to celebrate in 2022.

Room101 Farce Nicaragua Arrives in Stores

The Room101 Farce Nicaragua is made entirely with Nicaraguan tobaccos and is rolled at Joya de Nicaragua. It’s offered in three sizes.

Room101 Releases Limited Edition 12th Anniversary Perfecto

Only half a dozen stores around the country received the new limited edition size.

Room101 13th Anniversary Arrives at Stores

The “Stinky Pinky” has begun arriving on store shelves.

PCA 2022: Room101

Matt Booth of Room101 and now creative director of General Cigar Co. has a slew of new cigars, including three from the Room101 brand and two other brands that he assisted in a complete overhaul of.

Room101 Acquired by STG; Matt Booth to Serve as Creative Director

Room101 Cigars has a new owner, Scandinavian Tobacco Group, and Matt Booth has a new job title.

Room101 Adding 13th Anniversary, The Big Payback Nicaragua

There’s been a Room101 10th Anniversary, 11th Anniversary and 12th Anniversary, this year there will be a Room101 13th Anniversary.

Room101 and Luxury Cigar Club Collaborate on Cherubs

Room101 and Luxury Cigar Club are teaming up to release a new project called Cherubs that is part of the Johnny Tobacconaut story.

Room101 Namakubi Ranfla (2021)

My most recent review started with me writing about how it had been a while since I had written “what’s old is new again,” but…

Room101 Snake Shake Coming to Luxury Cigar Club Retailers

For its newest limited edition, Luxury Cigar Club will be sending the Room101 Snake Shake to its preferred retail partners later this spring. It’s a…