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Powstanie Wojtek

Powstanie Wojtek 2023

The actual War Bear may be long dead, but the cigar that bears its name is back after a year hiatus.

Powstanie Wojtek 2023 Arrives at Stores

If you look closely, you will see two different wrappers.

PCA 2023: Powstanie

Powstanie is releasing their first new regular production line since the company’s debut in 2015, alongside two new limited editions.

Powstanie Wojtek 2021

It’s not every day that you see an illustrated, roaring brown bear wearing a sizable necklace on a box of cigars, but when you do,…

Powstanie Wojtek 2021 Begins Shipping

Pospiech, Inc.—the distribution company that is owned by the same brothers who own Powstanie and Cigar Hustler—will ship the Powstanie Wojtek 2021 this week. This…

Powstanie Wojtek 2020

Powstanie is Polish for “rise” or “uprising,” and when brothers Mike and Greg Szczepankewicz created a cigar brand, they decided to use it to pay tribute…

Powstanie Wojtek 2020 Ships

The second Powstanie Wojtek is off to stores. Earlier this week, the company began shipping the new Powstanie Wojtek 2020, a 6 x 52 toro….

Powstanie Wojtek

In July 2019, Powstanie—which is a Polish word for “uprising” that is pronounced poh-shan-yah—released a brand new limited edition with a “tweaked” blend based on…

Powstanie Wojtek

Cigars have been named after many different people, animals and even inanimate objects, but to my knowledge a new release from Powstanie is the first cigar…

Powstanie Wojtek Planned for 2019 (Update)

The Powstanie line will be getting a new striped addition in the form of a cigar called Wojtek. Next year the company plans on releasing…