Matilde Cigar Co.

Matilde Cigars Updates Renacer Packaging

The Matilde Renacer will soon be wearing new bands as the company is updating its look to better match the rest of the cigars in...
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IPCPR 2019: Matilde

As was the case in 2018, Matilde did not have anything new to show off at during the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show this year....
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IPCPR 2018: Matilde

While there is no new product for Matilde at this year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, something is quite different. Matilde and MLB Cigar Ventures...
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IPCPR 2018: 27 Companies That Won’t Have Anything New

While we’ve been reporting about hundreds of new products slated to debut at the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, there are some companies that won’t...
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Matilde Cigars and MLB Cigar Ventures Form SeiBel Distribution

A pair of cigar brands have parted ways from Quesada Cigars for their distribution, choosing to form their own new distribution company. Matilde Cigars and...
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Matilde Serena Corona

In August, Matilde Cigar Co. shipped a brand new blend to just 10 stores around the U.S.. Named Serena, the line is composed of four different vitolas, and...
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Matilde Quadrata Toro Bravo

While it’s no longer the newest release from Matilde Cigar Co., the Quadrata was the star of the company’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Quadrata...
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Matilde Serena Arrives at Select Retailers (Update)

It wasn’t on display at the recent IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, but Matilde Cigars has shipped Serena, a new limited edition cigar, to a...
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IPCPR 2016: Matilde

Matilde Cigar Co. is one of two companies located inside the Quesada booth not named Quesada, the other being Regius. What makes it interesting is...
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Matilde Adding Quadrata at IPCPR 2016

Matilde Cigar Co. will be adding its third regular production line, Quadrata, at the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show this July. It’s a box...
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Weekly News (Dec. 7, 2015)

Cigar News C.Gars Ltd Winter Auction Tops $780,000 Casa Fernández Releases JFR Lunatic Shaggy Foot Chogüí Dos77 Longsdale Crowned Heads Ships Las Mareas Olas & Rebeldes...
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