Origineer Design Releases HumiForm Cigar Humidifier

Building off a love for keeping musical instruments in pristine condition, Origineer Design is now turning its attention to cigars with the release of the...
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Ciguardian Pouch

For 20 years, Boveda packs—originally sold as Humidipak—have been offered to cigar smokers. And for much of the last two decades, the company saw little direct...
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Cigar Oasis Magna 2.0

In the world of electronic cigar humidification, one brand really stands out; if you have an electronic humidifier, there’s a good chance it says Cigar...
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Ciguardian Introduces Humi-Lube and Pipe Genie

Ciguardian is expanding its humidification offerings with a pair of lines, Humi-Lube and Pipe Genie. Much like the company’s Ciguardian and Dr. RH lines, Humi-Lube...
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Moist-N-Aire S-1000R

A few years ago I was having trouble with the humidity in my converted wine cooler and adding more beads wasn’t seeming to help. I...
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Cigar Oasis Excel

I do not have a lot of desktop humidors. It’s the nature of what happens when you smoke (and write about) cigars for a living,...
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