Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Gordo

In 2012, Perdomo Cigars celebrated its 20th anniversary, and as cigar companies tend to do for such events, it released a cigar line, the aptly named...
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Casa Magna Jalapa Claro Toro

At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Quesada unveiled the first new Casa Magna release in five years.[ref]The first new nationally-related Casa Magna brand...
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Oliva Serie V Maduro Especial 2014

Since 2008, Oliva has released its Serie V Maduro Especial as a limited edition spin on its incredibly popular line, which had arguably been the company’s...
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Dunhill Signed Range Selección Suprema

There is perhaps no more impressive collection of cigars under one name than Dunhill’s Selección Suprema. The line came about in 1935 when Dunhill, the...
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Paris Reserve 2015

Last month, La Sirena released a new limited edition made for a friend of the Ditkowich family, Paris Giannopulos. Appropriately dubbed the Paris Reserve 2015, the...
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Arturo Fuente Unnamed Reserve 2014

Cigar names are an interesting thing: they range from the simple—a simple number such as the iconic Montecristo No.2—to the extreme and almost absurd, examples...
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AVO Syncro Nicaragua Special Toro

Last year, Davidoff of Geneva USA announced plans for a makeover of the AVO brand, including design changes to the logos and bands as well as...
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CAO Flathead Steel Horse Apehanger

In 2013, CAO released a new blend inspired by car enthusiasts. Named Flathead, after the engine style made famous by Ford and Harley-Davidson, the cigar...
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Foundry Heritage Bolivar 660 (Prerelease)

Stepping into General Cigar Co.’s booth at this year’s IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, there was a good bit of mystery would be in the...
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Charlie Toraño Captiva BFC

Last September, when it was announced that General Cigar Co. would be purchasing the Toraño brands, most details were figured out. General claimed the blends...
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Viva Republica Jailbreak

There’s not a plethora of innovation when it comes to cigars, particularly rolling cigars. Last month, Viva Republica announced Jailbreak, a product that certainly falls...
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