Colibri V-Cut

Colibri Adds Black and Pink Option to V-Cut

Colibri has added a new color option to its popular V-Cut line of cutters, with a black base and pink-hued handles. The color is on...
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Colibri Adds New V-Cut Color, Firebird Accessories at TPE 2020

Colibri released three new accessories in its booth at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) 2020 trade show this week, including a new color for one...
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Colibri Ships 90th Anniversary Rally Lighter

Colibri is closing out 2018 by shipping the second piece of its 90th Anniversary Set, the specially designed Rally lighter that complements the V-Cut shipped...
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Colibri Celebrates 90th Anniversary with New Lighter & Cutter Set

The Colibri Group is celebrating its 90th year in business this year, and as might be expected, producing a limited edition release as part of...
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Colibri Combines Triple Torch and V-Cutter in New Gotham Lighter

Colibri is once again merging a cutter and lighter into one unit, this time merging a triple torch lighter and v-cutter in what they are...
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IPCPR 2016: Colibri

Colibri has been making a big push to regain its place in the hands and humidors of retailers and consumer across the country, reinventing many...
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IPCPR 2015: Colibri

In December, I pondered whether or not anyone would challenge XIKAR’s dominance in the $30-100 cutter and lighter market. Turns out, Colibri is going to...
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Colibri Adding Four Colors to V-Cut Cutter

Colibri is adding four new metallic color options to its popular V-Cut cutter, all of which will be on display at the upcoming IPCPR Convention...
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Reverse V-Cutter Shootout: Colibri V-Cut vs. XIKAR VX V-Cutter

Recently, I have reviewed two of the top v-cutters on the market, the XIKAR VX V-Cutter and the Colibri V-Cut. Both are fairly easy to find either...
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IPCPR 2014: Colibri

The accessory maker had cigar smokers’ mouths watering with the pre-show announcement of a humidor that it had worked with Daniel Marshall to create, and...
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Weekly News (August 5, 2013)

Editor’s Note: On Saturday, the Phoenix cigar community lost one of its dearest friends as Tom Pupillo, who was known for his work as an...
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