CAO Releases Stingy Scrooge & Wicked Winter

For the third consecutive year, General Cigar Co. is releasing a pair of holiday-themed cigars in time for the Christmas season. This year’s releases are...
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CAO Makes Pumpkin Spice Cigar

The pumpkin spice craze has now come to cigars. General Cigar Co. has informed retailers about its latest CAO holiday edition, Rider’s Revenge. While many...
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General Gives Back With CAO Honor

Earlier this year, a new product from General Cigar Co. appeared without much fanfare. It was CAO Honor, a 6 1/2 x 52 toro made...
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CAO Pilón Robusto

While researching tobaccos and techniques for the newest addition to the CAO Classic Series, the brand’s blending team—headed by Agustin Garcia and Rick Rodriguez—came across...
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CAO Amazon Basin

At the 2014 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, General Cigar Co. released a unique cigar named CAO Amazon Basin which relied heavily on Bragança, a tobacco...
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CAO Flavours Adds SolFyre

General Cigar Co. has announced that it will be expanding its CAO Flavours line, with the addition of a new “spicy-sweet” line called SolFyre. The...
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CAO Mx2 Rabid Reindeer

Christmas season has come again, and for the second year in a row General Cigar Co. has released special holiday themed line extensions, this time...
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CAO Gold Nasty Nutcracker

Last year, General Cigar Co. commemorated the Christmas season by releasing two limited edition extensions to its La Traviata line with “holiday” themes: Angry Santa...
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CAO Celebrating Holidays With Nasty Nutcracker & Rabid Reindeer

Last year, General Cigar Co. released the CAO Angry Santa and Evil Snowman, two extensions to the brand’s La Traviata line with a Christmas theme....
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CAO Amazon Basin (Prerelease)

One of the most discussed cigars at the IPCPR show last month in Las Vegas was the CAO Amazon Basin, which incorporates some fairly unique tobacco...
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CAO Colombia Vallenato (Prerelease)

In 2008, as part of CAO’s Escaparte series, the then Nashville, Tenn.-based company released a specific line of cigars to Serious Cigars of Houston, Texas....
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