CAO Amazon Anaconda

General Cigar Co. has not gotten credit for the job it has done with CAO. When the company took over the brand in 2011, the...
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CAO Amazon Fuma Em Corda Robusto

Possibly one of the most interesting and talked about cigars at the 2014 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show was the CAO Amazon Basin. Using a...
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CAO Adding Fuma Em Corda

The CAO Amazon Trilogy, which started with the popular Amazon Basin has its second official release. It’s called Fuma Em Corda, a two-size line that...
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CAO 65th Anniversary Esen

While the name may say anniversary, this cigar is all about a birthday, that of Cano A. Ozgener. For those not familiar with Ozgener, he...
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CAO Amazon Basin (2016)

The 2014 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show brought news of a unique new release for General Cigar Co. Named CAO Amazon Basin, the blend included a...
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CAO Amazon Basin Returns Next Week

Perhaps the most sought after release from CAO over the last five years is back. The CAO Amazon Basin, a cigar that debuted in limited...
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CAO Sopranos Returns as Consigliere

Don’t call it a comeback. The CAO Sopranos, a line the company launched in 2005 to coincide with the HBO television show The Sopranos, has not...
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CAO Pilón Robusto

If you’ve dug into the process of making a cigar, you’ve undoubtedly heard the world pilón, the term for a pile of tobacco that is...
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CAO Flathead Steel Horse Gets Two New Vitolas

This month, two new vitolas will be added to the CAO Flathead Steel Horse line. General Cigar Co. has announced that it will be releasing...
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CAO Wicked Winter

In 2013, General Cigar Co. added a pair of holiday-themed CAOs each with a somewhat evil personality. The cigars sold well, better than General expected...
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CAO Releases Stingy Scrooge & Wicked Winter

For the third consecutive year, General Cigar Co. is releasing a pair of holiday-themed cigars in time for the Christmas season. This year’s releases are...
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