Camacho Liberty

Camacho Liberty 2002 Churchill

The cigar world was a very different place in 2002 than you see today: mainstays like Tatuaje and Illusione didn’t exist, the average price of...
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Camacho Announces Liberty 2005 Throwback

The Camacho Liberty 2005 is back. Later this month, Davidoff of Geneva USA will begin shipping the Camacho Liberty 2005 Throwback will begin shipping to...
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Camacho Ships All-Nicaraguan Liberty Series

For the 14th year of Liberty, Camacho is heading to Nicaragua. The company has announced that for the first time, its annual summer limited edition...
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Camacho Liberty 2014

This year marks the 13th year of the Camacho Liberty Series, an annual release made to celebrate freedom. Created by the company’s former owners, the...
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2014 Camacho Liberty Series Arriving at Retail

The 2014 edition of Camacho’s annual summer release, the Liberty Series, has begun arriving at retail after the company announced on July 1 that the...
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Camacho Liberty 2013

Since 2002, Camacho has released a yearly limited edition commemorating the freedom the Eiroa family, the company’s former owners, found in America. While a few...
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IPCPR 2013: Oettinger Davidoff Group

For many years, we have been trying to figure out what Davidoff Group was trying to do. White Label had remained relatively dormant, the company’s...
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Camacho Liberty 2013 Details Emerge

The Camacho Liberty 2013 won’t ship for a few more months, but the details of the cigar have emerged. Packaged in boxes of 20, the...
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Camacho Liberty 2007 (Executive Travel Bag Edition)

Today we’re looking at one of the yearly releases from Camacho that started back in 2002 – the Camacho Liberty 2007. The Eiroa family created...
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Weekly News (June 27, 2011)

Busy week, slow week, busy week, slow week. Or at least that’s how I’d like to think of it. The reality is the weeks keep...
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Camacho Liberty Series 2011 (Exclusive)

Didn’t I warn you IPCPR news mode was in full swing? Today, news on a staple of the IPCPR show, the Camacho Liberty. The popular...
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