For many years, we have been trying to figure out what Davidoff Group was trying to do. White Label had remained relatively dormant, the company’s investment in Camacho hadn’t really seemed to go as planned; Matt Booth, Mike Ditka, UR New York and Ron White made about as much sense as it sounds; Cusano seemed largely forgotten; and Winston Churchill and the Zino brands weren’t too far behind. While the writing on the wall during the last few years has made it clear change was happening, for the first time, we feel confident saying, things have changed.

Davidoff Booth 2

Davidoff Booth

The Booth
While it probably went overlooked by many, Camacho’s booth-within-a-booth was actually quite impressive. Otherwise, the Davidoff booth looked much like the one they brought two years ago to Las Vegas, including the gigantic humidor. That being said, it was noticeably more active than I can recall it being in the past.

AVO Quartet

AVO Quartet
Four cigars for the price of three?

AVO Serenata 1

AVO Serenata 2

AVO Serenata
The newest addition to AVO. Three sizes, boxes of 20 and priced between $8.50 and $9.75. That’s about all we were told unfortunately.

Camacho Booth

Camacho’s Relaunch
We’ve covered this extensively, given it was in our backyard. But the rest of the country got to see the new Camacho and it seemed like it went well. The reality is, the packaging is much better, the cigars got better, prices got lower and things got a lot simpler. Most importantly, the brand is in good hands of a dedicated staff.

Camacho Blackout Limited Edition 2013

Camacho Blackout
The new limited edition. This release is now slated for October.

Camacho Scorpion

Camacho Liberty 2013
Details here.

Cusano 18 Magnum 1

Cusano 18 Magnum 2

Cusano 18 Magnums
Two new 60 ring gauge Cusanos: 4 1/2 x 60 and 6 x 60. Pricing is $6.49 and $6.99 per cigar.

Davidoff 25th Anniversary

Davidoff 25th Anniversary
It’s Davidoff’s 25th anniversary in the U.S, and the company is celebrating.This is a 5 x 54 Robusto Gordo that is being described as similar to the AVO LE05, which is a good thing. There will actually be another 25th anniversary cigar for the Davidoff of Geneva retail locations.

Davidoff Colorado Claro No 3

Davidoff Colorado Claro No. 3
Long-rumored and finally ready. Described as a “fall release,” this will likely be a popular cigar amongst the cult-like following that is the Colorado Claro fans.

Davidoff Golden Band Awards

Davidoff Golden Band
The winners were:

  • Best Merchandising — Prime Cigar Wine & Bar (Boca Raton, Fla.)
  • Best Davidoff Performance (Single) — The Tobacconist of Greenwich (Greenwich, Conn.)
  • Best Davidoff Performance (Multiple) — Ambassador Fine Cigars (Scottsdale, Az.)
  • Davidoff Growth (Single) — Angry Moon Cigars (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.)
  • Davidoff Growth (Multiple) — Corona Cigar (Orlando, Fla.)
  • Industry Service Award:
    • Finnie Helmuth (The Humidor Cigar Shoppe)
    • Curt Diebel (Diebel’s Sportsmens Gallery)
    • Gary Pesh (Old Virginia Tobacco Co.)
  • Appointed Merchant of the Year — Maxamar Ultimate Cigars (Orange, Calif.)
  • Zino Davidoff Legacy Award — David Berkebile (Georgetown Tobacco)

As for the Golden Band cigar, it will be available to the Golden Band winners, but it didn’t make much of an appearance at IPCPR. It did get new packaging, seen above, which helps set it apart from the rest of the line and brings the boxes more in line with the awards, at least from a design aesthetic.

Davidoff Limited Edition 2014 Year of the Horse 1

Davidoff Limited Edition 2014 Year of the Horse 2

Davidoff Limited Edition 2014 Year of the Horse
We kind of announced this was coming back in June, although our sources began informing us all the way back in January. The above box is a working prototype, but the details are largely confirmed. It will be a 6 x 60 size priced at $31.00 per cigar in the intriguing nine-count boxes. Expect 3,000 of the 5,000 boxes produced to end up in the U.S. There will also be accessories to go along with the release.

Davidoff Nicaragua Humidor

Davidoff Nicaragua Humidor
It’s the only place to find the Davidoff Nicaragua Belicoso, absent the 2013 version of the Golden Band Dinner. Only 250 humidors will be made, each containing 48 cigars. As is standard practice with Davidoff, only 100 of the humidors are destined for the U.S. with a price tag of $3,900.00. If you are wondering, the top part actually lifts off the top to allow for space for cigars and accessories. Brooks’ review of the Short Corona is here.

Davidoff Nicaragua Cutter

Davidoff Nicaragua Lighter

Davidoff Nicaragua Accessories
In addition, the company will make 100 Dupont lighters and Davidoff cutters for Nicaragua. Pricing is $450.00 for the lighter and $375.00 for the cutter. This is the first torch lighter for Davidoff.

The Griffin s 2013 Special Edition Casino Edition 1

The Griffin’s Special Edition 2013 Casino Edition
Details are here. Of note, the playing cards aren’t exactly standard size. Maybe they use smaller cards in Europe, but they looked to be about two-thirds the size of every other playing card we saw in Las Vegas.

Room101 1

Room101 Ltds
Turns out most of the Room101 Ltds are actually not entirely limited editions. We were told the company is still producing, in small quantities, brands like Daruma and Namakubi. We were told that Namakubi Ecuador is done because of tobacco issues and Room101 OSOK is probably not coming back either for obvious reasons.

Room101 Serie HN

Room101 Serie HN
Originally slated as a June release, this essentially made its debut at the trade show.

Room101 Master Collection One

Room101 Master Collection One
Details are here. The packaging looks great and those that smoked the cigars seemed to enjoy them.

Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket
It makes sense, but it was a bit shocking I suppose, Davidoff is distributing Smoking Jacket by Hendrik Kelner Jr., son of Henke Kelner. It’s made at Kelner Jr.’s new Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic. Kelner Jr. told us it’s medium to medium-full and will be limited to five accounts per rep.

Zino Platinum LE Make of L.A. 1
Zino Platinum LE Make of L.A. 2

Zino Platinum Make of L.A.
Following the Make of New York, Zino Platinum has a new cigar for Los Angeles. There’s a new artist and a new cigar.

Zino Platinum Tour Kit 2013 2
Zino Platinum Tour Kit 2013 1

Zino Platinum Tour Kit 2013
It’s back. The special sampler sold at Zino Platinum events now comes with sunglasses.

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