July 25, 2018

IPCPR 2018: Room101

If Matt Booth was back last year, he’s really back this year, starting with his own booth—last year he was in the Caldwell booth—and not just...
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IPCPR 2018: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co is now into its second year of manning its own booth, having previously shared space within the CLE booth. This year also...
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Mombacho Ships Cosecha 2013 to Retailers

Mombacho Cigars has begun shipping its Cosecha 2013 release to retailers, some two months after it was expected to be on shelves. The delay came...
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IPCPR 2018: Warped

This is Warped’s fifth show since returning to the cigar world in 2014 and with this show comes the fifth new booth space. For the...
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IPCPR 2018: Potter Cigars

Potter Cigars had its own booth this year, giving themselves a little more breathing room and a chance to display some of its new items....
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IPCPR 2018: Gurkha

I didn’t make it over to the Gurkha booth until day four, but to very little surprise, the company was still writing orders. I suppose...
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IPCPR 2018: Dominion Cigar Inc.

After releasing two new blends at last year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show—one of which was a Canadian exclusive—Dominion Cigar, Inc. followed that up this...
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IPCPR 2018: The Traveler

Nestled inside the American Caribbean Cigar booth was a new company to the U.S. market called The Traveler. Though none of their cigars are new...
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IPCPR 2018: Topper Cigar Co.

Topper always brings something interesting to the show, this time in the form of a brand started in 1840. Marsh Wheeling is a cigar manufacturing...
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IPCPR 2018: Battleground Cigars

The Battleground Cigars tent was back on the trade show floor this year, by far one of the most distinctive booths, and arguably the one...
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IPCPR 2018: Felix Assouline

In a year when there were numerous companies who didn’t roll out any new products, Felix Assouline Cigars rolled out several new lines, and with...
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