Chogüí Dos77 Toro

Last month, Chogüí’s lone regular production line added its third vitola. The line is named after the box number of Chogüí’s original Primera Edición—number 277—that was...
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Chogüí Heart Breaker

For Chogüí’s latest release, the Dominican company crafted a limited production, single vitola release called Heart Breaker. The cigar uses a Dominican sun grown wrapper...
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Papa Chogüí

Cigars for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Day of the Dead, the 4th of July, Chinese New Year—and now, Dominican Father’s Day. That cigar comes from Chogüí and...
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Chogüí Dos77 Longsdale

Last year in August, Charlie Minato reviewed a cigar that hit the market in November 2014, however not the US market. The Dominican-only release from...
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Chogüí Primeraño

In November 2015, Chogüí Cigars celebrated its one year anniversary, and as cigar companies are wont to do, commemorated the occasion with a cigar. Measuring 5...
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Chogüí Dos77 Rogusto

In August 2015, Charlie Minato introduced a new Dominican-only brand to readers of halfwheel by way of his review of the Chogüí Primera Edición, a cigar...
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Chogüí Primera Edición

I first heard about Chogüí Cigars when Skip Martin of RoMa Craft Tobac was visiting the Dominican Republic. While down there, he tweeted about a...
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