Visol Products

Visol Releasing Nearly 20 New Products at TPE 2023

Almost 20 new products will be on hand for attendees to test out during the TPE 2023 trade show that takes place this week in Las Vegas.

Caseti BigFlat

Sometimes a cigar or accessory will have a name you have to do some research on, and then there are times when a company comes…

PCA 2022: Visol Products

Last year Visol Products only showed off four new products, but this year the company has more than 25, including a cutter that is very similar visually to a certain XIKAR product.

Visol Products Adding Three New Lighters at PCA 2022

Visol Products will have at least three new lighters to show off during this year’s PCA Convention: the Cobra, the Tiger and the Panda.

Porsche Design Spacecraft

The Porsche Design Spacecraft may not be from the outer reaches of the universe, but it does add a new dimension to the flat flame segment of cigar lighters.

Visol Adds Bison, Elk & Panther Lighters

After announcing a half-dozen new products in January, Visol Products has a trio of new $20 lighter options.

Porsche Design Adds Spacecraft Flat Flame Lighter

At this week’s TPE 2022 trade show, Visol Products showed off the new Porsche Design Spacecraft lighter, a single flat flame lighter that includes a…

Visol Products Ships The Trident by Caseti

If you’ve ever wanted to have three options to cut your cigar in one cutter, The Trident by Caseti might just be what you’re looking…

PCA 2021: Visol Products

I have been covering Visol Products since at least 2016, and look forward to seeing the company every year to be shown what is new….

Visol Products Adding a Trio of New Lighters at PCA 2021

Next week, Visol Products will show off a variety of new lighters at the 2021 PCA Convention & Trade Show. The Visol Enigma (pictured above)…

Visol Adding The Trident by Caseti

Visol Products has a new combination cutter for its higher-end Caseti brand. The Trident by Caseti is a new triple cutter that features three different…