Viaje Zombie Red Collector’s Edition (2020)

In 2011, Viaje released the first of what has since become one of the company’s most recognizable lines. The Viaje Zombie began as an exclusive...
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Viaje Farmer Bill Hatchet and Stuffed Turkeys Returning This Month

Viaje’s core trio of Thanksgiving themed-cigars—Farmer Bill Hatchet, Stuffed Turkey White Meat and Stuffed Turkey Dark Meat—are set to be back on store shelves in...
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Viaje Releasing Skull and Bones M?stery, Exclusivo Leaded Maduro This Month (Update)

Viaje’s October shipment will include versions of popular releases from the company’s portfolio. There will be a new release of the Viaje Skull and Bones...
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Viaje Private Keep Chartreuse

During the 2018 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Viaje showed off a new series that has grown to encompass three different cigars, with each release...
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Viaje Plans Zombie Collector’s Edition for 2020

Viaje is planning to release a trio of Zombie Collector’s Edition. A post on social media showed off Viaje Zombie Collector’s Edition in the regular...
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Viaje Black and White Connecticut

Over its more than 13 years of releasing cigars, Viaje has released a near countless number of blends, sizes and backstories. Yet one thing was...
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Viaje Skull and Bones Daisy Cutter (2020)

Back in 2010, an upstart cigar company helmed by Andre Farkas released the first of what would eventually become the company’s most expansive line. Named Skull...
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Viaje Private Keep Chartreuse Announced

Viaje is adding a new color to its Private Keep line, the Chartreuse, which is expected to begin arriving at retailers next week. Brand owner...
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Viaje Summerfest 2020

If you took all of Viaje’s releases over the years and put them on a table without bands, I’d struggle to identify a lot of...
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Viaje Shipping Black and White Next Week (Update)

Viaje has teased what appears to be two new releases, named Black and White. The new release will ship to stores next week, though what...
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Viaje Zombie Farmhand Andre

If there’s a company that seemingly has had no trouble coming up with new cigar lines, it’s Viaje. While the company offers traditional lines such...
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