Viaje Skull and Bones Red 2019 Shipping “Soon” (Update)

The next iteration of the Viaje Skull and Bones Red will be shipping to stores “soon.” Viaje’s social media account posted a picture of a...
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Viaje 10 Plus Two And A Half Red

Anniversaries in the cigar industry are always a valid explanation for a new cigar. At one point, those were reserved for just major anniversaries, but...
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Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua Returns to Retail this Month

This month, the Viaje Exclusivo Nicaragua will return to retail shelves, as the company has announced that it will be releasing the blend in the...
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Viaje Private Keep Tangerine Coming to Stores This Month (Update)

Viaje Cigar Company has announced the second installment of its Private Keep line, the Tangerine. View this post on Instagram TOO GOOD TO KEEP TO...
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Viaje Hamaki Omakase (2019)

Two years ago, Viaje shipped a variant of its White Label Project Hamaki release that was round instead of box-pressed and measured 6 x 52...
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IPCPR 2019: Viaje

Once again, Viaje was part of the PDR Cigars booth, something attributable to the fact that PDR produces some of Viaje’s cigars. In terms of...
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Viaje Celebrating 12 1/2 Years at IPCPR 2019

While it might not be the most popular moment of celebration, Viaje will mark its 12 1/2 anniversary with a trio of cigars at this...
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Viaje Roman Candle 2019 Appears at Retail

In early June, Viaje began shipping the 2019 editions of its C-4 and TNT lines, both of which are part of the Viaje Demolition Company...
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Viaje Platino El Gallito

Like many companies, Viaje has released its share of single-store exclusive cigars. One could even make the case that a good bit of the company’s...
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Viaje C-4, TNT Return for 2019

For the first time since 2016, Viaje’s C-4 and TNT cigars will be released, though with some notable changes. The 2019 versions of the cigar...
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Viaje Hamaki, Omakase Return for 2019

Two more cigars of Viaje’s White Label Project Series have graduated to become standalone releases. Viaje has announced that the Hamaki and Omakase are no longer...
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