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Tatuaje Cojonú

Tatuaje Adding Four Cojonú Line Extensions at PCA 2024

It’s a total of four new cigars across three Cojonú versions.

Tatuaje Cojonú 2018

The “lost years” have been accounted for with the Tatuaje Cojonú 2018.

Tatuaje Ships Cojonú 2018 Today

The second of the “lost years” is on its way to stores.

Tatuaje Cojonú 2018 Coming in Late May (Update)

The last of the two missing years is scheduled to be on store shelves late next month.

Tatuaje Cojonú 2015

The Tatuaje Cojonú 2015 is one of the “missing years” in the regular production line that was originally supposed to have a new addition every three years.

Tatuaje’s Cojonú 2015 Arrives in Stores

This newest size goes back to one of the “lost years” of the Cojonú line.

Tatuaje Cojonú 2021

It could be tough to keep track of all of the new Tatuaje products for 2021. Some are Tatuaje, others are L’Atelier; some are sold…

Tatuaje Cojonú 2021 Heads to Stores

Tatuaje has begun shipping the latest installment in its Cojonú series to retailers, which will have them on shelves in the coming week. The Tatuaje…

Tatuaje Cojonú 2012 Reserva (Prerelease)

Tomorrow, Pete Johnson will launch the Tatuaje Cojonú 2012 at Casa de Montecristo in Chicago. It will be the sixth iteration of one of the…

Tatuaje Cojonú 2012 Capa Especial (Prerelease)

In 2003, Tatuaje released it’s first cigar under the Cojonú (pronounced Co-ho-nu) banner, which is short for Cojonudo, Cuban slang for ballsy, obviously referring to the…