Tabacos de la Cordillera

Daughters of the Wind Cremello

At the 2019 IPCPR Convention Trade Show, Casdagli was showing off a few new items, but only one of them was a new cigar, a...
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Daughters of the Wind Pony Express

These days, overnight FedEx packages and two-hour Prime Amazon deliveries are the norm, but there was a time when a man riding on a horse...
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Marrero Makes Tesoro Mio Barberpole Regular Production

The limited edition Marrero Cigars’ holiday release is now a regular production item. Marrero has announced that its Tesoro Mio Barberpole is now a regular production...
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Marrero Cigars Adds Vitolas to Fuerte Box Pressed and Tico Pigtail Lines

Marrero Cigars has shipped the latest additions to its portfolio this week, three new vitolas in its Fuerte Box Pressed line and two in its...
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Dignity Cigars Takes Pizzeria Out of the Oven

Don’Juan Gross told halfwheel he had been keeping the concept for his latest cigar in the proverbial oven for five years; but this spring, it will...
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Dignity Slates Debauchery for February

Dignity Cigars, the company known for its portfolio of Costa Rican puros, has announced that its next release will be a limited production called Debauchery that is scheduled to be...
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Dignity Slates Dignidad Elite Reserva & Iceberg Slim for November

Last year, Dignity Cigars announced that it would celebrate its fifth anniversary with a cigar named the Dignidad Elite Reserva. The cigar, which is a Costa Rican...
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Marrero Cigar Co. Expands Tesoro Mio With Costa Rica Puro

At this year’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Marrero Cigar Co. will be expanding its Tesoro Mio line with a new Costa Rican puro version....
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Dignity Cigars Announces Dignidad Elite Reserva for 2015

Dignity Cigars joins the growing list of cigar manufacturers that have announced releases slated for 2015, as the company has shared details about its forthcoming...
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