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Tabacalera Palma

Matilde Serena Maduro Toro Bravo

Earlier this year, Matilde added a new Maduro version of its Serena line.

La Galera Connecticut Getting New Packaging Later This Year

The company is updating the line so it uses packaging similar to its other core lines. While the bands and boxes are changes, the blend remains the same.

PCA 2022: La Galera

I was told that La Galera wasn’t going to have any new products at the trade show, but they brought a new vitola called Chiquito Perfecto, which is actually rolled by a guy named Chiquito.

Apostate Cigars Adding Feathered Serpent to Lineup at PCA 2022

Apostate Cigars is adding a fourth brand to is lineup, but the Feathered Serpent is the first release from the company to incorporate a candela wrapper.

La Galera 85th Anniversary (Jochy’s Blend)

Jochy Blanco and his son, José Manuel, blended two different cigars for the La Galera 85th Anniversary release. Both Blancos turned to their fathers for help: Jochy used notes from his father, José Manuel gave Jochy whiskey in exchange for help.

La Galera 85th Anniversary (José Manuel’s Blend)

Released to commemorate the 85th anniversary of Tabacalera Palma—the Dominican factory owned by José “Jochy” Blanco which was founded in 1936—the La Galera 85th Anniversary is made up of two different blends. The first was blended by José Blanco while the other was blended by his son, José Manuel Blanco.

LaMirada Habano Viejo Debuts

The company formerly known as Bahamas Mamas adds a second premium cigar blend from Tabacalera Palma.

Procigar 2022: Day 2

Thursday of the Procigar Festival more or less starts the same as Wednesday, and so at 8:40ish I headed down to join my bus for…

La Galera Imperial Jade Robusto

We certainly pay attention to trends in the cigar industry on this website, everything from different cities and states introducing similar legislation to how cigars…