Tabacalera Magia Cubana

El Tallo

If you want to spark up an interesting and potentially passionate conversation amongst cigar smokers, bring up the topic of stems in cigars. Undoubtedly, some...
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United Cigar Group Adds El Tallo, a Cigar With Stems as Fillers

Some consumers pull stems out of the inside of their cigar thinking that they aren’t supposed to be there, but with United Cigar Group’s newest...
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While not well-known in the American cigar market, German cigar distributor Dalay Zigarren is a large player in its home country and also has an associated retailer with...
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Dalay Zigarren Adds Affentanz for German Market

Dalay Zigarren, a German distributor with an associated retailer, has a new cigar under its Zauberberg label: Affentanz. Described as a German translation for “armed with monkeyness,” Affentanz...
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