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Tabacalera Magia Cubana

United Cigars Natural, Maduro Switching From Box-Pressed to Round

The box-pressed versions are being replaced by updated blends that will be sold in round sizes.

Yaya Begins Arriving in U.S. Stores

After a slight delay, Yaya is now on sale in U.S. stores.

La Mezcla Cubana Rothschild

La Mezcla Cubana was started by Victor Vitale, a cigar distributor based in the northeast U.S. It was purchased by United Cigars, another northeast-based cigar distributor, who relauanched it earlier this year.

Yaya Debuting in the U.S. at PCA 2022

Two years after Yaya debuted in the U.S. it is coming to the U.S. through a distribution deal with United Cigar Group.

Revamped La Mezcla Cubana Arrives at Stores

The new version of the La Mezcla Cubana has begun arriving at stores. Earlier this month, United Cigars began shipping the new La Mezcla Cubana…

United Cigars’s Firecracker Gets Packaging Update

United Cigars has updated the look of its regular production Firecracker and begun shipping it to retailers. The regular production Firecracker is a 3 1/2…

United Cigars Announces Irish Car Bomb Firecrackers

There will soon be a new Firecracker on its way to store shelves, as United Cigars has announced the upcoming release of the Irish Car…

El Tallo

If you want to spark up an interesting and potentially passionate conversation amongst cigar smokers, bring up the topic of stems in cigars. Undoubtedly, some…

United Cigars Adds El Tallo, a Cigar With Stems as Fillers

Some consumers pull stems out of the inside of their cigar thinking that they aren’t supposed to be there, but with United Cigars’s newest release,…


While not well-known in the American cigar market, German cigar distributor Dalay Zigarren is a large player in its home country and also has an associated retailer with…

Dalay Zigarren Adds Affentanz for German Market

Dalay Zigarren, a German distributor with an associated retailer, has a new cigar under its Zauberberg label: Affentanz. Described as a German translation for “armed with monkeyness,” Affentanz…