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S.T.Dupont Minijet

S.T. Dupont Expanding Koi Fish, Memento Mori Collections at TPE 2024

Both the Koi and Memento Mori themes were used on previous Ligne 2 lighters. Each collection includes three pens, four lighters, an ashtray, a cigar case and a humidor.

S.T. Dupont Adding Fluro Collection in May

Yes, that’s a S.T. Dupont Le Grand Perfect Ping in matte black.

S.T. Dupont Releases Three New Color Combinations for Torch Lighters

The new color combinations are available on four different models of S.T. Dupont torch lighters.

S.T.Dupont Adds Pastel Colors to Torch Lighter Lines

At last week’s TPE 2022, S.T.Dupont showed off a variety of new color options for some of its torch lighters, mostly pastel colors. The newly-updated…

S.T.Dupont miniJet (2021)

In our technology-driven world, we have seemingly got accustomed to product launches and then a series of updates. Certainly one of the most common examples…

S.T.Dupont Releases New Collection of 007-Themed Accessories

A new collection of 007-themed S.T.Dupont accessories has hit the market via the Davidoff online store as well as Davidoff of Geneva — since 1911…

S.T.Dupont miniJet 2.0

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s the saying we’re all familiar with. But where does the line between fixing it and improving it…

IPCPR 2016: S.T.Dupont

It’s an anniversary year for S.T.Dupont. This year marks 75 years since the company was commissioned to create 100 lighters (more on that below) and…